You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Hi again guys, I thought I would get to my newest blog fairly quickly to make up for the gap this week.

I’m going to do something a little different this time and rather than discuss one specific animal, I’m going to discuss ten incredible and aggressive animals and why I rank them in that order.

Ten: the sun bear


Bears are known to possess some of worst tempers in the animal kingdom, but the most aggressive bear isn’t the grizzly bear or even the polar bear, but the smallest bear, the Asian sun bear. Weighing in at just 65 kg and measuring about 1.5 m in length, the sun bear doesn’t seem like a massive threat compared to its larger cousins. However, the sun bear has the largest teeth in proportion to its body and is definitely the fiercest bear. Sun bears will attack humans without provocation.

Nine: the saltwater crocodile


The saltwater crocodile is a most worthy inclusion to this list without a doubt! An ancient animal, this creature is ginormous, reaching lengths surpassing 7 m and weighing up to 2000 kg! Saltwater crocodiles possess the World’s most powerful bite and are incredibly aggressive. The full grown saltwater crocodile sees humans as just another meal and will go as far as destroying boats and killing humans and large animals in territorial defence.

Eight: the hippopotamus


Hippos may be known as ‘river horses’, but are quite possibly the most dangerous animal to live in Africa. They are extremely territorial and aggressive and will use their sheer strength and size, as well as their huge teeth to attack boats, lions and crocodiles. They are not only dangerous in water, but on land as well. The hippopotamus, despite their large bulk can run up to speeds of 20 mph, making them   even more terrifying.

Seven: the black mamba


Measuring over 14 ft in length and possessing the second most potent venom in the the world of snakes, the black mamba is already quite frightening. But what makes the black mamba a worthy inclusion to this list is that it is driven by an extreme form of fear based aggression. The slightest sense that it’s escape route is compromised is all it would take for this serpent to unleash a ferocious attack. If that wasn’t enough, this snake can slither at a maximum speed of 12.4 mph, making the black mamba one of the world’s fastest snakes.

Six: the southern cassowary


Behold the most dangerous bird on the planet! Cassowaries are the third tallest and second heaviest living bird, being dwarfed only by the emu and ostrich, but they are far deadlier. If provoked they become excessively aggressive and attack viciously using their powerful legs and sharp claws. Their kicks are strong enough to break the bones of humans and are one of the few birds to have been proven to kill humans.

Five: the grey wolf


Wolves have been featured as the villains of many a story and throughout history have been regarded as ferocious. Whilst I personally love wolves, even I have to admit I can see why these legends were created. Wolves are very territorial and in large enough groups can take down prey as large as moose and stand up to grizzly bears! Wolves attach themselves to the muzzles of their prey and tear pieces of flesh off causing prey to bleed to death. Whilst wolves don’t usually target humans, they will do so if hungry enough, or if they are injured.

Four: the bull shark


I know it isn’t surprising that at least one shark is on this list, but I bet you’re wondering why I have chosen the bull shark and not the infamous great white shark or the fearsome tiger shark. The answer for this is that bull sharks are actually scientifically proven to be the most vicious fish on the planet! These sharks have in fact regularly attacked humans (usually confusing their feet for fish) and may be the cause for a number of mysterious disappearances. They also possess the strongest bite of all sharks, with a force of 6000 newtons. But what makes this shark absolutely terrifying is that this aggressive fish can adapt to fresh water and have been spotted in rivers and lakes in warmer regions!

Three: the wild boar


Just like wolves are like our domestic dogs but far more aggressive, the same can be said about these wild pigs. Wild boars are found across Europe and Asia and, though we eat pigs, wild boar are hunters in their own right, taking down creatures as big as deer. These monstrous pigs frequently attack humans with their bad tempers and razor sharp tusks. Their charges may at times be fatal due to the power and mass of these very angry swines, which are often responses to what they perceive as invasion of territory.

Two: the wolverine


The weasel family in general is incredibly ferocious, and it’s largest member takes the award as the most aggressive, possessing an almost demonic fury. This stocky predator has iron jaws and has a real David and Goliath predation routine. The wolverine, though it weighs between 15 kg to 30 kg, has absolutely no fear and has been known to bring down deer, elk, mountain goats, wildcats and will even challenge bears in territorial disputes. Attacks on humans are always devastating and sometimes fatal, but lucky for us, this merciless animal rarely encounters man.

One: humans


Humans are animals too and we most definitely have earnt the top spot on this list in my opinion. Humans have been killing each other for over 10,000 years and have been the only animal that has created such giant levels of death and destruction. It has been estimated that over 70 million fatalities occurred in WW2 alone, and we have had a lot more wars as a species. We are said to be living in most peaceful period of our history as a species, and yet we are still guilty of incredibly high rates of brutality such as gun violence in Munich to terrorism attacks world wide. We also actively ruin the natural world through deforestation, pollution, etc. Given our predisposition to acting irrationally and our capacity to annihilate the world with truly barbaric weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear devices and bio-weapons, we truly are the most dangerous and aggressive inhabitants on Earth.

So there you have it, my top ten most aggressive animals. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions for animals that should have been on this list instead of the ones I mentioned or if you think I got the order wrong.

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