And I’m Hungry Like The Wolf!

Hi guys! Seeing as how my first blog was filled to the brim with scientific research and explanations, I think it would be nice to use my second blog to tell you all about myself, specifically my favourite animal.

Now, in case the title was not obvious enough, my favourite animal is the grey wolf (pictured below).

Grey wolf

Don’t worry, I’m not just going to leave it at that! I could give hundreds of reasons why I think so highly of these incredible animals, but seeing as I can only type for son long without getting a cramp in my hand, I shall summarise to just 3 reasons.

Teamwork makes the dream work:

The grey wolf is an apex predator, meaning that they aren’t hunted by any other predators, but they do have to compete with a large array of other predators, including bears and big cats such as mountain lions and tigers. So the question is, how have wolves managed to compete with predators that are so much larger and stronger than them? The answer is teamwork.

Grey wolves are pack animals and are designed to be their most effective when they hunt in a pack. On their own, grey wolves struggle and are limited to hunting lone deer and small prey such as rabbits and rodents, but if the pack is large enough, wolves can be unstoppable, being capable of taking down caribou, moose and even bison!

Howl’s it going?

I know, that was an awful pun, but hear me out. The grey wolf and all other wolves are famous for their spine-tingling howls. Wolves use these howls to communicate with one another in a vast variety of ways. They are used for a variety of reasons such as a lone wolf calling its pack, to send territorial messages to rival packs or a wolf might howl simply because another wolf has begun howling.

Another thing about the howl that I believe is worth mentioning is the weird myth about wolves howling at the full moon. I just want clarify that wolves have zero interest in the full moon and the reason why a wolf’s howl can be heard at the same time the full moon is out is most likely because the wolves are hunting and using the light of the moon to aid them.

Fun fact: did you know that the howl of a wolf is so powerful it can be heard from up to 10 miles away from the howls origin point!


The grey wolf has often been feared by man above all other predators and is often portrayed as the villain in many fables and fairy tales such as that of Little Red Riding Hood. However, it has done nothing to earn such hatred other than trying to survive (perhaps a wolf pack may have been driven to hunting a shepherd’s sheep if needed).

Clearly though this fear was more than just mild fear, but actually enough for mankind to see fit to hunt wolves relentlessly. Grey wolves could once be found North America, Europe and the Far East. Now they can only be found in Russia, North America and Eastern Europe.

Did you know that centuries ago, wolves were actually ‘tried’ by people and burnt at the stake? I know, crazy right?! But grey wolves, unlike their bigger and stronger ancestors, the dire wolves (they weren’t just made up for Game Of Thrones people), are very intelligent and survived because of their intelligence and their flexibility.

smiling wolf

To conclude, I love the grey wolf and believe that mankind should understand that wolves and all other predatory animals don’t deserve our irrational fears against them as they are simply trying to get on with their lives as well.

If you have a problem with wolves, just remember that man’s best friend are descendants of these supposedly vicious animals.

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